Jobs Still Available?

Here is a "glass half-full" perspective: With so many employees getting fired, companies are going to have hire somebody, right? Businesses are still hiring new employees, The Wall Street Journal reports—the market is just a lot more competitive. Over a recent 90-day period 410,000 new job were posted on, with the most in-demand occupations "computer systems analysts, accountants, registered nurses and sales managers." The Journal offers up a few recommendations for the ever-growing number of people in the job market. First, don't abandon your area of expertise out of panic; you won't make it competing against people with better experience. Second, if you're in the health care industry, congratulations, you can get a job. Three, don't show up to an interview looking like a bum (even if you are living on the street after having your house foreclosed). And lastly, talk a big game. Convince the employer you know their company inside and out—even if you're desperate just to pay the bills.