Jim Webb Falls for Parody Article Supporting His Candidacy

Jim Webb, the former senator from Virginia and longshot Democratic presidential candidate, tried to drum up his dwindling support Tuesday with a tweet before the first Democratic primary debate. He shared a barely-disguised Cafe.com parody article titled "Why My Money's on Jim Webb."

The article written by "Carl "the Dig" Diggler," says that "it's obvious that Jim Webb is Hillary’s main competition for the nomination in all but name only" and "The only knock on Webb? He might be too perfect a candidate." Diggler is described as the author of “Think-ocracy: The Rise Of The Brainy Congressman." The site also says he "currently resides in New York, but also spends time in Washington DC and Los Angeles (but most of all, airports!). Diggler got his start in journalism as the chief political editor for the Minnetonka Bugle." Webb seemingly realized his mistake and took the tweet down but it is archived here. Webb's campaign has not returned a request for comment from the Daily Beast.

--Gideon Resnick