Jill Stein Drops Pennsylvania Recount Bid

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein is dropping her bid for a statewide recount in Pennsylvania after a judge asked for the required $1 million bond to initiate a recount. But Stein said late Saturday that she would file a court motion in federal court on Monday to demand a recount. “The judge’s demand that voters pay such an exorbitant figure is a shameful, unacceptable barrier to democratic participation,” Stein said in a statement. “This is yet another sign that Pennsylvania’s antiquated election law is stacked against voters.” Stein had unsuccessfully filed for recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin, two other states won by President-elect Donald Trump. Lawyers for Trump countered in their own court motion that there is “no evidence—or even an allegation—that any tampering with Pennsylvania’s voting systems actually occurred.”