Jett Travolta Autopsy Update

Details of the investigation into the death of John Travolta's 16-year-old son, Jett, are leaking out. reports that two pathologists who worked on an autopsy report following Jett's untimely death in the Bahamas say the cause is being listed as “seizure.” According to the funeral home, “The body was in great condition and shows no sign of head trauma,” though police and family said Jett hit his head on the toilet seat and/or the bathtub. Meanwhile, a first-responder EMT has spoken out about transporting Jett from the family's vacation home to the hospital where he died. “Come on, Jett, come on, baby, come on, Jett,” the actor reportedly said in the ambulance. Jett, who was chronically ill, was found unconscious in a bathroom Friday.