Jermaine Jackson's Tell-All

Ian Halperin’s new book Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson may be topping bestseller lists now, but Halperin’s not the first guy to ponder a Jackson tell-all. Jermaine Jackson circulated a proposal for a dishy book in 2003, but publishers weren’t interested. Now, however, he may have some takers: in the proposal, Jermaine admits that his father "did some disgusting things to LaToya and Rebbie especially," but the most stunning details reveal the deep divide between the King of Pop and his family. Jermaine writes, "He drinks, he does drugs, he lies, he cheats, he changed his skin color and, mostly, he's human. He attracts gay men and wards off women like the plague." Elsewhere, Jermaine writes about his late brother’s relationship with Debbie Rowe: "He paid this woman, who nobody would ever look twice at, several million dollars. My brother purchased children. It is like a sanctioned black market." The proposal also claims that Michael came up with the concept for DreamWorks—the film company founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen—but that he never got credit for it. "That's one reason why Michael hates Jewish people so much,” Jermaine writes.