Jeremiah Wright Crashes D.C.

Jeremiah Wright may be a persona non grata at inauguration, but that didn't stop Obama's controversial former pastor from showing up in Washington yesterday. In a sermon at Howard University, Wright had kind words for the president-elect. "He was able to do what nobody of African descent was ever able to do in the 211-year history of this country. ... The Lord stepped into his story and gave him a new attitude." After the sermon, Wright ripped into ABC News. "It was so unfair to my family and ended up hurting my daughter and it was unconscionable," he said. "ABC started a mess that was unconscionable." Wright insisted in the interview with ABC that he was proud of Obama. "He was in my ministry for 20 years. We're the only ... black church in the nation to produce a president." He noted, however, that he will not be attending inauguration and will instead be teaching a class at the Virginia Union School of Technology.