Jason Collins's Ex Tells Her Side

When Jason Collins became the first active professional athlete to come out as gay, everyone was shocked—including his ex-fiance, Carolyn Moos. The former WNBA player revealed her side of the story for Cosmopolitan for the first time, explaining what happened the day the magazine hit stands. “Jason told me he's gay over the phone on a Monday morning in April ... However, he didn’t mention the article—that came as a surprise when I heard about it from a friend,” she said. Moos never understood why Collins called off their wedding after dating for eight years. “When I couldn’t get answers from Jason on what had gone wrong, I questioned myself and what I could have done better or differently,” she said. Even though she has the answers now, it seems all is not forgiven. “I wish he could have been honest with me years ago. I feel like there are two Jasons now.”