Jason Bateman: I'm Sorry for ‘Mansplaining’ to Co-Star About Jeffrey Tambor

Jason Bateman, actor in Netflix’s Arrested Development alongside Jeffrey Tambor, apologized on Twitter for remarks he made about Tambor during a New York Times interview. In a series of tweets Thursday morning, Bateman wrote: “Based on listening to the NYT interview and hearing people’s thoughts online, I realize that I was wrong here. I sound like I’m condoning yelling at work. I do not. It sounds like I’m excusing Jeffery. I do not,” adding “This is a big learning moment for me. I shouldn’t have tried so hard to mansplain, or fix a fight, or make everything okay.” Co-star Tony Hale also apologized, saying he was “extremely sorry” for minimizing pain at the hands of Tambor, he wrote on Twitter. During the interview, Bateman’s co-star Jessica Walter said Tambor “verbally harassed her on the set.” In response to Walter, Bateman said, “Not to belittle it, but a lot of stuff happens in 15 years… Jeffrey is not just popping off, coming out of his car and some unhinged guy.” Hale said, “We’ve all had moments … we’ve worked together 15 years, there has been other points of anger coming out. Tambor was kicked off Amazon’s Transparent amid sexual-misconduct allegations, and him admitting to having anger issues on the set.