Japan Earthquake Survivors Found After Four Days

More stories like that of the man found floating on his rooftop 10 miles off the coast of Japan are popping up: A 70-year-old woman named Sai Abe was found in the wreckage of her home four days after the tsunami swept the house off its foundation in northeast Japan. A younger man who had been crying out for help was also shown on television being rescued from a building in the city of Ishimaki. Abe's son had tried to pull his mother from her home in the port town of Otsuchi as the tsunami approached. "I couldn't lift her up, and she couldn't escape because her legs are bad," he said on national television. His father is still missing. Abe was immediately sent to the hospital for hypothermia, after a cold front blew in on Tuesday. Snow is expected in the next few days, which would worsen conditions for those still alive.