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January Jones Talks Ashton, Disrobes

January Jones' revelation that ex-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher told her to quit acting isn't the only element of the Mad Men actress' GQ feature turning heads. The svelte actress' surprisingly buxom bod has New York magazine blog Daily Intel's tongues wagging, too: "Her breasts, as depicted by GQ, immediately prompt the question of artificial enhancement by way of Photoshop." Daily Intel juxtaposes Jones' cover photo, which shows the actress wearing nothing but a leather jacket and red lipstick, with a red-carpet photo from the Emmys. Photos of her in risqué lingerie ensembles accompany a profile of the "damn un-Betty-Draper-like" Jones snacking on queso and dishing about her least supportive ex-boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, who, having told her years ago to quit showbiz, "only has nice things to say now."