James Woods Quits Twitter Because of ‘Censorship’

Actor and producer James Woods has quit Twitter because of what he calls “censorship” by the social-media giant. Responding to Thursday’s news that the social-media platform had banned many alt-right users who frequently target others with racist, anti-Semitic epithets, the 69-year-old actor declared his exit: “Since @Twitter is now in the #censorship business, I will no longer use its service for my constitutional right to free speech. #GoodbyeAll.” The Stuart Little 2 star has developed a reputation of being an outspoken conservative troll on Twitter, most famously suing an anonymous user who called him a “cocaine addict” during an argument. Last month, after that user passed away, prompting an appeal against Woods’s lawsuit to be tossed, the actor gloated on Twitter. “The slime who libeled me just dropped his appeal contesting my victorious SLAPP motion,” he wrote. In reply to other users pointing out the man’s death, Woods wrote: “[He died] screaming my name, I hope. Learn this. Libel me, I’ll sue you. If you die, I’ll follow you to the bowels of Hell. Get it?”