Jade Goody Dies

Jade Goody, the British reality TV star whose fame pushed the boundaries of reality television further than perhaps any other participant in memory, has died of cancer. Though the star had announced plans to broadcast her imminent death for all the world to see, BBC reports she passed among family early this morning. Goody stormed onto the scene through the British version of Big Brother. She later gained notoriety after making racist comments about a Bollywood star participating with her on Celebrity Big Brother. But the criticism subsided with her announcement that she had cervical cancer—a diagnosis she received on India's version of Big Brother. Goody became a regular presence in the British tabloids as she unabashedly publicized her own struggle as a means to spread cancer awareness. Even in death, her unorthodox ties to the limelight feature prominently: Her funeral is being called a "Jade Goody Production."