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Jackson's Drug Doctor?

It may be the biggest send-off ever, but as Michael Jackson is memorialized at the Staples Center Tuesday, the questions of his death are far from answered. With rumors swirling about Jackson’s prescription drug use, The Daily Beast’s Gerald Posner says in an exclusive report that Jackson’s addiction may have been influenced by an unlikely person: Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor, a close friend of Jackson's, was a loyal patient of Dr. Arnold Klein, a cosmetic dermatologist who Jackson soon began to consult. Despite warnings from friends that his relationship with Taylor was “toxic,” Jackson began seeing Klein for vitiligo, a patchiness of the skin—just after Taylor was sent to rehab. Though police won’t confirm that Klein is one of the five physicians under investigation in the Jackson case, Ben Evenstad, founder of the National Photo Group, who sent paparazzi to trail Jackson in Los Angeles, said that his photographers followed Jackson to Dr. Klein’s office two to three times a week, where he would stay anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours.