Jackson: The Kid Is Not My Son

Is Omer Bhatti the illegitimate child immortalized in Billie Jean? Video footage obtained by ABC's Good Morning America shows Michael Jackson and his preteen protégé yukking it up on jet skis, a parasail, and even meeting with Nelson Mandela—startling evidence that raises the question of whether Bhatti, now a 25-year-old aspiring rapper, is Jackson's fourth child. Many people close to the King of Pop deny that Bhatti (who is referred to in the footage as "Little Michael") could be related, except for Jackson's father, Joe, who counts Bhatti's dancing skills as proof positive that the pair are flesh and blood. And while Us Weekly reported in 2004 that Jackson and Bhatti's mother, a Norwegian woman named Pia who was the Jackson children's first nanny, once "had a one-night stand," allegations of paternity remain pure speculation. "[Bhatti's] parents worked at Neverland for a while," a former Jackson associate told ABC News. "It wasn't Michael's kid. This elaborate 'Billie Jean' scenario is ridiculous. Don't you think he would turn up in the will?"