Jackson Family Pays Rowe to Go Away

It's not over until the biological mom gets her paycheck. Thursday's custody agreement between Debbie Rowe and the Jackson family includes the stipulation that the family will continue to pay Rowe hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in accordance with the informal and verbal "spousal" agreement she had with Michael, the New York Post reports. Under the agreement, Rowe will be allowed supervised visits with Prince, 12, and Paris, 11, while Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother, has custody. The payments to Rowe will continue for a fixed amount of time. An unnamed source said that the family "recognized early in this process" that Rowe "had no interest in playing a real role in their lives" and was only concerned about money. Michael's father Joe Jackson dropped a separate bombshell on, stating that Omer Bhatti, 25, the Norweigan rapper who sat in the front row with the family at Jackson's funeral, is MJ's son.