Jacko Auction Back On

Lawsuit or no lawsuit, a Los Angeles auction house says it will auction off the contents of Michael Jackson’s Neverland estate, and may use the proceeds to pay for any litigation fees. Darren Julien tells The Wrap the debt-ridden Jackson—who’s mounting 10 comeback shows in London this summer—and his people contacted his firm on their own about holding an auction of his possessions. The auction house head expressed indignation at the King of Pop’s lawsuit, which accuses him of trying to sell those items without permission. Julien said the star and his closest confidant, “the mysterious Dr. Tohme Tohme” appeared happy with the auction plans until Wednesday, when the suit was filed. Among the items Julien and his staff cleared out of Neverland and are putting on the block: Popemobile-style electric vehicles, the estate’s crested gates, and dozens of sequined gloves.