The Host

Jackman Promises "Intimate" Oscars

Will Wolverine dance? Details of the Oscars ceremony are being kept under wraps this year, as both of the show’s producers promise the night will venture toward a “new direction,” but how far off-kilter the show may go is anyone’s—even host Hugh Jackman’s—guess. “Celebration is the key. I'm certainly going to have a good time. If I'm not going to have a good time, how the hell is anybody else?" said Jackman, who was also a three-time Tony Award host. The Kodak Theatre will be “more like the nightclub of your dreams,” instead of the vast, slightly austere stage of past years. The Australia and X-Men star also showed a slight bias toward fellow Aussie Heath Ledger: “I can't hide the fact that I would really love for that honor to be bestowed upon him," Jackman said, "It would be fitting and I think he deserves it."