‘ISIS Supporter’ Preparing Attack Killed in Ontario

A 23-year-old suspected ISIS sympathizer was killed during a police operation in Ontario on Wednesday when his home was stormed in response to an alleged suicide-bombing plot, local media reported. The suspect, identified as Aaron Driver, was allegedly planning to strike a major Canadian city using an IED with the hopes of creating mass casualties. Authorities said the bomb plot was scheduled for Wednesday during rush hour in a busy location, CTV News reported, citing a government memo. Apparently tipped off by the U.S. FBI, law-enforcement agencies including SWAT teams, bomb squads, and military special-ops forces swarmed Driver's home in Strathroy, about 140 miles from Toronto. Driver was killed in a taxi cab during the police operation, AFP reported Thursday, and neighbors reported hearing gunshots and a loud explosion. Driver was well-known to Canadian law enforcement for his vocal support of ISIS on social media. He had been arrested prior to Wednesday’s sting operation but never charged. It is not clear whether he was receiving any instructions from the terrorist group.