ISIS Says It Attacked Police in Moscow

The Islamic State terror group says it is responsible for an attack on police in Moscow on Wednesday. Both attackers were killed, and two officers were injured. The men wielded two axes and a firearm outside a traffic post. ISIS has said, through the Amaq news agency, that the attack was revenge for Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria, which began in September. Last month, Islamic State militants released a YouTube video calling upon others to execute a holy war in Russia. “We have taken the path of jihad on the orders of our Amir Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” one of the alleged attackers said in a video released by the news agency. That video identified the men as Uthman Mardalov and Salim Israilov. They said, “We have called this operation ‘revenge operation.’ Revenge for you bombing our brothers, because you kill our brothers every day in Syria and Iraq. ... This will be the start of everything that will come to you.”