ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive

The Jordanian government said Tuesday that ISIS burned alive captive pilot Muadh al Kasabeh in a video released the same day. The video shows a trail of lit gasoline leading to Kasabeh’s cage, which is engulfed in flames with him inside. Jordanian state TV claims Kasabeh was killed on Jan. 3, exactly one month ago.

Kasabeh was captured by ISIS in December after his F-16 crashed on the banks of the Euphrates River in Syria. ISIS said last month it would release Kasabeh (and Japanese hostage Kenji Goto) if Jordan freed Sajida al Rishawi, a failed suicide bomber who had been in jail since the 2005 attack on hotels in Amman. Jordan agreed to the prisoner exchange but wanted “proof of life” on Kasabeh first. When ISIS didn’t offer such proof, it executed Goto, who was forced to say Kasabeh would die next.

The Jordan has vowed “punishment and revenge” for the murder amid unconfirmed reports it will execute several prisoners, including Rishawi, as early as tonight.