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Is There a Carla Bruni Sex Tape?

The long-rumored JFK-Marilyn Monroe sex tape may have company now in the annals of presidential smut: French First Lady Carla Bruni is reportedly agonizing over the theft of hundreds of “highly intimate” photos and videos of her with a former lover, philosopher Raphael Enthoven. Burglars broke into Enthoven’s brother’s apartment in Paris, where the prints and videos were thought to be safe. According to a source, “The thieves appeared to know exactly what they were looking for, taking highly intimate prints, a camera full of further images, videos, and numerous computer files … Nobody was at home at the time, and nothing else was taken.” Bruni met Raphael through his father, whom she dated in the late 90s. Raphael was married at the time. His former wife, author Justine Levy, has characterized Bruni as a “husband stealer” with a “terminator smile.” Police believe the images could be posted on the web, or be sold for a sizeable sum.