Heavy Hitters

Is the New Surgeon General Too Fat?

Somewhere, somehow, there is always something lower than rock bottom: Fox News host Neil Cavuto ran a segment Tuesday entitled “Is Surgeon General Appointee Too Fat?” suggesting that Dr. Regina Benjamin doesn’t fit the bill for a national role model. “The bottom line is, Dr. Benjamin is 50 pounds overweight—she’s obese,” said guest commentator Michael Karolchyk, CEO of the Anti-Gym in Denver, which emphasizes getting clients in shape for sex. “Would you want your head of the Fed Reserve to be a guy who lives in a box under the highway because he understands the plight of poor people?” Karolchyk, sporting a shirt with the phrase “No Chubbies” emblazoned on its front, argued that Benjamin is “lazy” and makes poor food choices, making her an ineligible candidate for the title of surgeon general. For his part, Cavuto doubted the accuracy of Karolchyk’s claims. “If she’s 50-60 pounds overweight, then I’m on a separate planet,” he said.