Is NuvaRing Deadly?

The popular birth control NuvaRing could be causing blood clots in thousands of woman who use it—and has even allegedly resulted in deaths. Erika Langhart, 24, died of a pulmonary embolism on Thanksgiving Day in 2011, after using NuvaRing for approximately four years. On the program for Erika’s memorial service, her mother wrote “Cause of Passing: Massive, Double Pulmonary Embolism—a direct result of the NuvaRing.” According to the FDA itself, NuvaRing user’s have a 56 percent increase of blood clots, and Merck, the company that makes the contraceptive, is facing roughly 3,500 lawsuits for health risks from NuvaRing. But the contraceptive remains on the market—and in fact, Merck made $623 million off it in 2012.