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Is Gingrich a Lean Six Sigma Spokesman?

Mike George, the Dallas entrepreneur behind the management concept "Lean Six Sigma" has spent over $200,000 on mailings, automated phone calls and other promotions for Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign. And in exchange, it seems, Newt has become a spokesman for the business method, having mentioned it publicly at least 28 times over the course of his campaign. George's contributions are made through his own PAC, Strong America Now, which he founded and funds on his own. "This goes beyond the concern about coordination, and smack dab into the concern of having a mutually profitable business relationship between a super-PAC and a presidential candidate," points out a lobbyist for a D.C. group that advoates tighter regulations on political donations. "There's Gingrich out there selling Mike George's book while Mike George helps to promote Gingrich's candidacy. That's kind of amazing."