Big Guns

Is FLOTUS the Dems’ Greatest Asset?

Spain? Who mentioned Spain? First lady Michelle Obama has been known for—among other things—"terrorist" fist-bumps, her national anti-obesity campaign, and most recently, her lavish European vacations. Democratic strategists, however, are preparing to launch a campaign to wield Mobama's star power in an effort to retain a party majority in the House and Senate come the November midterm elections. An unnamed White House aide told Politico: “We’re waiting for direction on what the fall will look like and how this will all evolve," and that “long-term planning” will commence in August when the first family is out of Washington. Several candidates have requested that Mrs. Obama stump for them—including Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak, who said in lieu of a presidential endorsement, "my No. 1 choice ... is Michelle Obama." The first lady could also yield significant influence in the Nevada, Missouri, and Florida Senate races and—not surprisingly, considering Obama’s past—the Illinois gubernatorial race.