Doctored Footage

Is Breitbart's NAACP Video Really Racist?

The right wing is in a fury over a video of a black Department of Agriculture employee saying at an NAACP banquet that, 24 years ago, she didn’t offer a farmer “the full force of what I could do” because he was white; the employee, Shirley Sherrod, has resigned since Andrew Breitbart posted the video on his website, But Breitbart also edited the video so that it did not include the second part of Sherrod’s tale, in which she describes how she went on to work with the man for two years, helped him fight foreclosure, and befriended him and his wife. "And I went on to work with many more white farmers," she said. "The story helped me realize that race is not the issue, it's about the people who have and the people who don't. When I speak to groups, I try to speak about getting beyond the issue of race." After learning that the tape was edited, the NAACP issued a statement saying it was "snookered" into criticizing Sherrod, and asked the White House to reconsider her resignation.