Is Beck's 9-12 Logo Communist?

Fervent Fox News host Glenn Beck recently went off about the evidence of progressivism, fascism, and communism in the art displayed in New York’s Rockefeller Center. Now, the Los Angeles Times’ Christopher Knight has tracked the logo for Beck’s 9-12 Project, featuring three red fists in front of a blue United States Capitol building, back one century, finding the iconography has long been associated with communist, socialist and other leftist ideals—the same themes Beck condemned in the Manhattan landmark’s artworks. The bloody fists, representing unity and resistance, were originally used in 1917 by the Industrial Workers of the World, a union organization founded by socialists. Later, in the 1940s, the image was the icon for various Communist Party organizations, which is also what it represented in the '60s as the Students for a Democratic Society symbol and black-power salute. The Progressive Labor Party, whose goal is to “smash capitalism,” has also recently used the graphic for representation. Perhaps another infamous Beck tirade is in order.