‘Irrefutable Proof’ of Nazi Gold Train

Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper may have solved a 70-year mystery of a missing Nazi-era train filled with gold and other priceless goods. And while many have speculated, they’ve told Polish news channel TVP 2 that they have irrefutable proof. “As the finders of a second world war armored train, we, Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper, declare that we have legally informed state authorities about the find and have precisely indicated the location in the presence of Walbrzych authorities and the police,” they read from a written statement. “We have irrefutable proof of its existence.” The two are not disclosing the location until they secure a 10% finders’ fee in writing. Police have been searching the area they believe the train is buried for days and the case will take further potential action within the next two weeks.