Ireland Endorses Lisbon Treaty

It’s a lucky day for the Irish. Early results reveal that Ireland is on board for the European Union Lisbon treaty. More than half of the 3 million people eligible to vote in Ireland turned out to the polls yesterday, with 67 percent voting “yes,” and all major parties (except one) campaigned in favor of the treaty that would create a full-time E.U. president and streamline decision-making. Ireland voted “no” to the treaty a year and a half ago and the change of heart is thought to be a result of the poor economic climate, combined with new pro-Irish amendments instated since the first referendum. The E.U. is excited about the Irish victory, but there is still a long way to go—the Czech Republic and Poland are the last two member countries left to approve it. "The Irish people showed an Ireland embracing her future with Europe," said Irish PM Brian Cowen of the victory.