Iraq: Blackwater Employees Must Go

The Iraqi government is sniffing out any former Blackwater employees still working there, according to the country's spokesman, Ali al Dabbagh. Ministry of the Interior officials are checking all records related to the company, now renamed Xe, and the government wants former workers out. "Instructions have been given to check if there is any Blackwater member [in the country]. I advise him to leave Iraq and not to stay in Iraq anymore,” al Dabbagh said. Iraq also said it will file suit against five Blackwater employees allegedly involved in a 2007 shooting that left 17 Iraqi civilians dead. A U.S. federal judge dismissed the charges Thursday, and Baghdad is asking the American Justice Department to appeal the ruling. "Investigations carried out by specialized Iraqi authorities unequivocally found that the Blackwater guards committed murder and broke use-of-force rules when there was no threat requiring the use of force," al Dabbagh said.