Iran to Release Detained Hiker

Iran seems prepared to release one of the three detained American hikers after all, this time for the price of $500,000 bail. Sarah Shourd, 32, who was charged with espionage last year with two other Americans after hiking near the Iranian border with Iraq, is reportedly suffering from health problems. After visiting her in May, her mother said she had a lump in her breast and precancerous cervical cells. "Based on reports and the approval of the relevant judge about the sickness of Ms. Shourd, her detention was converted to $500,000, and if the bail is deposited she can be released," an Iranian official told reporters. But Shourd has been given false hope before. Earlier this week, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced she would be freed as an act of good faith at the end of Ramadan, only for the offer to be rescinded almost immediately. The other two are to remain in prison.