Iran Releases Journo, Keeps U.S. Spouse

The Iranian journalist Yeganeh Salehi, who works for the United Arab Emirates English-language newspaper The National, was released on bail last week, her family announced Monday. However, the country is yet to free her husband, Jason Rezaian, who holds U.S. citizenship and is a reporter for The Washington Post. The couple was detained on July 22. Rezaian is still being held, even though another journalist couple detained the same day—where one of the partners also has dual Iranian-American citizenship—has already been released. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani refused to provide details on Rezaian’s case when questioned during his trip to the UN in September. “If they have not committed any crimes, it will be determined that he or she is innocent, they will be freed and it will be announced openly,” he said. Iran’s detention of the journalists has cast a shadow over Rouhani’s charm offensive to win international allies.