Iran Hangs Soccer Player's Mistress

The mistress of a star Iranian soccer player was hanged Wednesday morning at Tehran’s Evin prison. Shahla Jahed, 40, had been living with Nasser Mohammadkhani in “temporary marriage,” absolving them of adultery, but in 2002 Jahed was found guilty in the stabbing death of Mohammadkhani’s first wife. Amnesty International and other human rights groups cited procedural flaws in their appeal for Jahed’s life, insisting she did not receive a fair trial. While incarcerated, the woman confessed to the murder but later retracted the confession in court, though it was still admitted as evidence. Jahed reportedly prayed as she was led to the gallows, then screamed for mercy in the moments before her death. Hers is the 146th execution in Iran this year.