Iran Claims New Nuke Deal

The international community may have finally come to an agreement about Iran’s nuclear program. Following talks in Vienna, the International Atomic Energy Agency has provided a draft to Iran, the U.N., France, Russia and the U.S. that is meant to satisfy the world’s concerns over Iran’s ability to produce nuclear bombs. The world powers involved must agree to the plan by Friday. Unconfirmed details include Iran exporting the majority of its enriched uranium—around 1200 kg—to France and Russia before sending it back to Iran, meaning that Iran would maintain its ability to produce fuel, but have less time to create nuclear weapons. IAEA Director Mohammed ElBaradei says he is “optimistic” about the “very constructive” talks that provided the foundation for the draft. "Everybody at the meeting was trying to help, trying to look to the future and not to the past, trying to heal the wounds that existed for many years," said ElBaradei. "I have circulated a draft agreement that in my judgment reflects a balanced approach to how to move forward."