‘Useless And Shameful’

Iran Attacks ‘Infamous Liar’ Benjamin Netanyahu Over Nuclear-Weapon Claims

Iran issued a strongly worded attack Tuesday calling Benjamin Netanyahu an “infamous liar” after the Israeli prime minister claimed to have new proof of a secret Iranian nuclear-weapons program. Netanyahu presented what he said was evidence of thousands of “secret nuclear files” that showed Iran wasn’t following the international deal signed in 2015. Tehran has dismissed the allegations as “worn-out, useless, and shameful” and issued a withering personal attack on the Israeli prime minister, describing him as a “broke and infamous liar who has had nothing to offer except lies and deceits.” Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said: “Netanyahu and the notorious, child-killing Zionist regime must have reached the basic understanding that the people of the world have enough awareness and cognizance.” Israel’s accusations come as President Donald Trump considers whether to pull out of the nuclear deal with Tehran.