Iran Admits to Nuke Site

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday that his country's recently disclosed nuclear-fuel facility had, in fact, never been secret, as was reported, and that the International Atomic Energy Agency had free rein to inspect the plant all along. Earlier Friday, President Obama made a joint appearance with Western leaders to say Tehran had been building the nuclear facility for several years and that it should address international concerns that the purpose of the site was to make weapons. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Iran had two months to meet international demands or face sanctions. The Iranian leader fired back: "It's not a secret site... They wanted to set up a sort of media game, take the stage to sort of set up the upper hand. This is not nice." U.S. intelligence officials told the Los Angeles Times that they have known about the facility for years, and that it is "deep underground" inside a mountain and guarded by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. They say it is not intended for industrial purposes.