Double Take

Introducing the 'Victory in Iraq' Bill

This one definitely won't have bipartisan support: Iowa Representative Steve King will introduce a "Victory in Iraq" resolution on Wednesday, "chronicling the success of the troop surge in Iraq and warning the new Commander-in-Chief that if he changes strategy, he takes ownership of whatever happens on his watch," according to the Washington Times. The "largely symbolic" bill stands in direct opposition to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's 2007 proclamation that the US "lost" the Iraq War. King has visited Iraq six times and says, "Our military has achieved a definable victory, and I want to tell them that America appreciates them." Think Progress notes that, prior to the Victory in Iraq bill, King's most famous moment was when he once argued that Obama would turn the US into a "totalitarian dictatorship." King's bill as 30 co-sponsors but is unlikely to make much progress in a predominantly Democratic House.