New Light

Inside Lori Berenson's New Life

Who is Lori Beresnson? The New York Times Magazine attempts to answer that question in this week’s issue with a profile of the American woman convicted in 1995 of terrorism in Peru and released on parole in November. Although the regime of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori has since fallen from public favor—he’s serving a life sentence for “crimes against humanity”—Berenson is a stark reminder for Peruvians about the country’s days of terrorism. First released from prison in May, Berenson is now a single mother raising a 15-month-old son and she is required by law to remain in Peru—a country whose citizens still hate her—until 2015, and then she must leave forever. She admits now that she did know that many of the people she was living with were affiliated with a group classified as a terrorist organization, but she maintains her innocence in collaborating with them. The profile of Berenson is the first cover story for the redesigned New York Times Magazine, which hits newsstands Sunday.