Indonesia's Desperate Rescue Effort

Rescuers in Indonesia are frantically looking to locate and help survivors in collapsed buildings in the aftermath of Wednesday's 7.6-magnitude earthquake. The Associated Press reports that one rescue team was able to recover a still-conscious college student 40 hours after the disaster by pulling her through a hole drilled in the concrete, reviving spirits dampened by a death toll of over 1,000 that is likely to grow. But despite signs that some victims are still alive almost two days after the disaster, Indonesia’s lack of heavy digging equipment is making rescue attempts difficult, and in the absence of a working power grid in many places, fuel is being rationed to concentrate on finding the thousands of still-missing victims. Millions of dollars in aid is being donated by governments and charities in the U.S., Russia, Australia, China, Japan, and other countries. President Obama pledged $3 million of assistance, while the Indonesian finance minister said the government will distribute $25 million over a two-month emergency response.