Twin Disasters

Indonesian Volcano Keeps Erupting

The Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi erupted again Monday, the latest blast since the volcano became active last week. One of Indonesia’s 129 active volcanoes, Merapi has killed 38 people since it started erupting. No one was reported dead in the latest eruption, which caused fear in the government camps miles away—especially since several loud blasts were heard and smoke poured out of the volcano. Local officials said Monday's eruption was the largest since the eruption began. About 69,000 villagers have been evacuated from neighboring Java, located about 250 miles east of Jakarta. Indonesia has 21 volcanoes being monitored on the second- and third-highest alert levels due to increased activity, a number that one scientist called “extraordinary.” Indonesia is also reeling from a deadly tsunami last week that caused the deaths of more than 400 people.