Indiana Cops Face Charges After Newspaper Uncovers Video That Shows Them Beating Handcuffed Man

Two Indiana police officers will face criminal charges after a recently released video shows them punching a handcuffed man in the face more than 10 times, The South Bend Tribune reports. The Elkhart police department announced Friday that officers Cory Newland and Joshua Titus will be charged with misdemeanor counts of battery for their role in the Jan. 12 beating of Mario Guerrero Ledesma after the newspaper requested video of the incident as part of an ongoing investigation. Before Friday, the only discipline the officers had received was a reprimand. They have been placed on administrative leave and face the possibility of suspension or even termination. The video shows a seated Ledesma preparing to spit on Newland. In reaction, Newland and Titus “immediately tackle him… jump on him and punch him in the face repeatedly.” The beating reportedly ceases when another officer tells Newland and Titus to stop. In June, Police Chief Ed Windbigler reportedly told Elkhart’s civilian oversight commission that Newland and Titus used “a little more force than needed” and “went a little overboard” when they both knocked Ledesma to the ground—but he did not tell them about the repeated punches.