Indian Opposition Wins in Landslide

The next prime minister of India will not be a member of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty or part of their Indian National Congress Party. It will be Narendra Modi from the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, which won in a stunning landslide that ends a monumental era in Indian politics. Modi defeated 43-year-old Rahul Gandhi, who was the son and grandson of assassinated prime ministers, Rajiv and Indira Gandhi. The family, which is descended from Jawaharlal Nehru, not Mohandas Gandhi, has led a party that has been in power for all but 10 years of the country’s history, and was widely seen as corrupt and out of touch. The BJP is a Hindu nationalist party, and its leader, Modi, was the chief minister of Gujarat in 2002 when riots killed at least 1,000 people, many of them Muslims.