Imus Slams Jonathan Alter On Air

If Don Imus and former Newsweek writer Jonathan Alter were ever friends before, they’re likely not on speaking terms now. Imus chewed out Alter on air, calling him a suck-up for trying to get on his program and saying he couldn’t do so “with a certified check.” Imus read aloud a letter he’d allegedly received from Alter apologizing for being a bad friend and for “crawling up to your ass when I need something, but I do need something. You putting me on your air to hawk my new book.” At this point, Imus said Alter could “take your book and shove it up your ...” and then went on to attack other ex-Newsweek players, calling Howard Fineman a “sniveling little weasel” and Jon Meacham a “phony bastard.” Needless to say, none of them were there to defend themselves.