Immigrant Kids Spotted Bathing in Sinks at ICE Contractor Facility: Report

A man told Reveal he has seen children bathing in sinks on multiple occasions at an office space leased by Immigration and Customs Enforcement contractor MVM Inc. The company uses this office building in Phoenix, Arizona, and another nearby to house separated immigrant children overnight while they’re being transported, Reveal reports. The witness, Bill Weaver, said he has seen babies, children, and teenagers in the building for the past two years. He said MVM is leasing about 2,000 square feet of space, with no kitchen or shower. He said the space also has no private bathroom and that he has seen the children bathing in sinks that are shared by several office suites. “One time, I walked in and saw two kids washing themselves in their underwear in the sinks,” Weaver said. “MVM would throw away all their clothes and even throw away the brush they combed their hair with and then reclothe them in sweatsuits and crocs.” He called the building “completely inappropriate for what they were doing.” An MVM spokesman admitted to Reveal that the company housed children in another office building overnight in violation of its own policies, and acknowledged that it also keeps children in a second building. ICE said its agreement with MVM permits the company to use the offices as “waiting areas.”