Imam Terror Inquiry Botched

In order to beat the terrorists, New York's finest and the FBI should probably make nice with each other. As The Daily Beast reported on Tuesday, a botched incident involving a Queens imam has exposed rivalries and communication problems between the Intelligence Division, a police unit that has created a city-wide network of informants and is run by an ex-CIA official, and the Counterterrorism Bureau, the police unit that oversees the 100 detectives working with the FBI on the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Evidently, detectives from the police's Intelligence Division contacted a Queens imam, Ahmad Wais Afzali, in order to find out more about a man at the center of a long-running cross-country terrorism investigation. The imam has now been charged with warning the suspect and lying about it, which may have forced law enforcement officials to speed up raids and arrests related to the extremely sensitive investigation. The rivalry between the city's police force and the FBI is long-standing.