Illinois GOP Asks Burris to Resign

Just when we thought Blago-gate was over: Turns out Illinois' freshman senator and controversial Rod Blagojevich pick Roland Burris gave contradictory statements about his relationship with the ex-governor and could be facing perjury charges. On Saturday, Burris released an affidavit indicating that, before Burris was appointed to the Senate, Blago's brother asked him to host a fundraiser for the farcically corrupt governor. Though Burris says he declined, the fact that the offer was ever on the table directly contradicts previous Burris testimony that he was never involved in Blago's pay-to-play scheme. In a news conference today Burris denied that this somewhat glaring omission of fact could be construed as misleading, while Illinois Governor Pat Quinn noted that Burris had some explaining to do. State GOP leaders insist Burris must resign, and aides say Senate majority leader Harry Reid is following the case.