Ill. House Preps Blago Boot

The Illinois House of Representatives is lacing up its boots so it can kick Governor Rod Blagojevich to the curb. The House released a report today recommending the embattled governor's impeachment, saying "The totality of the evidence warrants the impeachment of the Governor for cause ... The Committee, therefore, recommends that the House consider an Article of Impeachment against the Governor." The committee cited Blagojevich's refusal to testify before it as evidence of his wrongdoing. Later today, Roland Burris also testified to the committee today, saying that governor didn't seek any favors in exchange for appointing him to the Senate. “Knowing my ethics, I would not participate in anybody’s quid pro quo,” Burris said. The House could vote as early as tomorrow on whether to impeach Blagojevic, setting the stage for a Senate showdown.