ICE Contractor Stops Holding Migrant Kids in Phoenix Office Buildings

Immigration and Customs Enforcement contractor MVM Inc. “cleared out” Phoenix offices where it held migrant children overnight after a Reveal investigation, the outlet reports. Arizona state representatives Kelli Butler and Kristen Engel called for an investigation into whether MVM’s activities were illegal. Butler also said she would sponsor legislation to close any loopholes that may have allowed these activities. MVM is the main contractor tasked with transporting children for reunification with their families after they were separated under President Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy. A man told Reveal he saw babies, children, and teens in one building over the past two years and noticed them bathing in sinks on multiple occasions. “One time, I walked in and saw two kids washing themselves in their underwear in the sinks,” he said. “MVM would throw away all their clothes and even throw away the brush they combed their hair with and then reclothe them in sweatsuits and crocs.” The offices do not have kitchens, bedrooms, or showers.