Husband: Mom in Crash Wasn't a Drunk

Don't write off the woman responsible for a car accident that killed eight as an alcoholic just yet: Daniel Schuler, the husband of Diane Schuler—who reportedly downed 10 vodka drinks and smoked pot before getting in a wreck that killed herself, her daughter, three nieces and three men in another vehicle—said his wife wasn't a drinker. "Something medically must have happened to her" to cause the crash, Schuler said in a news conference, adding that he had never once seen Diane drunk. Diane's attorney said Diane had diabetes, a "suspicious bump" on her leg, untreated mouth abscesses, and suggested that a stroke may have been the cause for the accident. "From the stroke came all the other issues," attorney Dominic Barbara said. According to toxicology reports, Diane's blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit and she smoked pot as soon as 15 minutes before the crash—but her husband said Diane was behaving normally when he last saw her that morning before departing on a fishing trip. "Family was the most important thing to her," said Joy Schuler, Daniel's sister. "There was no way she would ever jeopardize the children."