Husband and Wife Arrested in Gatwick Airport Drone 'Attack': Report

Two people arrested in relation to a drone “attack” on London's Gatwick Airport are a husband and wife, according to The Telegraph. Paul Gait and Elaine Kirk, who are 47 and 54, respectively, were arrested about 10 p.m. local time by English police. Their arrests stemmed from drone activity above Gatwick’s runways, which prompted authorities to ground flights for some three days, thwarting holiday travel plans for hundreds of thousands, the paper says. Gatwick is located some 30 miles from London in West Sussex. Gait is a father of two who works as a window fitter. While “understood to be a drone enthusiast who also flew remote control helicopters,” Gait’s boss claimed that he working during the alleged attacks. Sussex Police Superintendent James Collis of their arrests. “The arrests we have made are a result of our determination to keep the public safe from harm, every line of enquiry will remain open to us until we are confident that we have mitigated further threats to the safety of passengers.”